Harold P. Blum, M.D., 1990

Described as a man for all seasons, Harold P. Blum is Clinical Professor of Psychiatry and Supervising and Training Analyst at the Psychoanalytic Institute of the New York University Medical enter. He is also the Executive Director of the Sigmund Freud Archives. His service as editor of the Journal of the American Psychoanalytic Association inspired readers and contributors alike as well as those fortunate to serve on editorial board during his tenure. Dr. Blum is recognized as a true Freud scholar and the author of significant and varied articles. His books include Defense and Resistance: Historical Perspectives and Current Concepts, (1985), Female Psychology: Contemporary Psychoanalytic Views (1977), and Reconstruction in Psychoanalysis: Childhood Revisited and Recreated (1994). He has been highly influential in psychoanalytic thought both in the United States and abroad.

While there are other institutional forms of recognition of achievement in psychoanalysis, none is comparable to the Sigourney Award in terms of its status as a national and international prize. Thus I was very proud to be one of the three recipients of the inaugural Sigourney award. Consistent with prizes in other fields, the certificate and monetary reward were especially significant as concrete testimony to its importance. An exceptional honor, the award was an inspiration and incentive towards advancing psychoanalysis as a scientific discipline and clinical treatment.

I experienced receiving the Sigourney Award as a most exciting personal and professional event. Since psychoanalysis is all too often a lonely pursuit, this form of recognition was uniquely meaningful. My great pleasure was shared with my wife, who has always provided invaluable counsel and collaboration, as well as with my children. In addition, it was particularly serendipitous to receive the award with two close colleagues and friends. – Harold Blum