Mary Sigourney created The Sigourney Award because she understood the significant contributions and lasting benefits of psychoanalysis, its ability to reduce human suffering, and its value to understanding human affairs.

Her vision was expansive and international in scope. Through the Award, she sought to reward efforts that were applied, as well as clinical or scholarly. Ms. Sigourney wanted to attract individuals across gender, race, culture, location, and professional categories to highlight how psychoanalysis and psychoanalytic thought intersects with academic, humanitarian, and arts-focused fields.

New Clarity, Fresh Look, Original Vision

In 2016, the co-Trustees began a journey to ensure that The Sigourney Award’s future reach and impact aligns with and anticipates the evolving needs of the global community. Mary Sigourney’s original intentions were extensively reviewed and discussed, and key collaborators were consulted.

The resulting changes—a modernized application process, the fine-tuning of award and judging criteria, and a phased shift to an annual international award cycle over the next three years—will expand the award’s reach and international applicant pool. Ultimately, these changes will strengthen the Award’s influence and enhance the Trust’s ability to reach a wider, more diverse audience.       

As we celebrate the Trust’s 30th anniversary, we honor Mary Sigourney’s mission to reward outstanding work that advances psychoanalysis and psychoanalytic thought. To date, 125 Award Recipients from 21 countries represent her vision. Their ground-breaking work has significantly contributed to human affairs on topics ranging from neuroscience to feminism.

Apply or Nominate

Nominations for work that applies or contributes psychoanalytic thought to medicine, psychiatry, other sciences, the arts, literature or film are encouraged. Applications are accepted from all geographic locations, April 1, 2019 through August 31, 2019.
Who is Eligible?

Past Honorees

Our community of 125 honorees represent the forward-thinking that founder Mary Sigourney envisioned. Explore the impact made by past Award Recipient’s work.