Recipients of the 2015 Sigourney Awards – North American Region

We are pleased to announce the following recipients of the 2015 Sigourney Award:

2015JayGreenberg50Jay Greenberg, Ph.D. – United States

Distinguished for his many contributions on the relationship between psychoanalytic theory and clinical practice. In his role as North American Editor of the International Journal of Psychoanalysis and later the Editor of Psychoanalytic Quarterly, he has promoted a highly constructive dialogue among North Americans and their colleagues in Europe and Latin America.

2015Volkan50Vamik Volkan, M.D. – United States

Seminal contributor to the application of psychoanalytic thinking to conflicts between countries and cultures. In addition, his clinical thinking about the use of object relations theory in primitive mental states has advanced our understanding of severe personality disorders.

Nominations for 2016 Sigourney Awards – European Region
(countries in Europe, plus Asia, Australia, India, Israel, and South Africa)

The Sigourney Award will accept nominations from the European Region for the 2016 Sigourney Award beginning March 15, 2016.”


2011 Sigourney Award recipient Mark Solms has been awarded the Haskell Norman Prize for Excellence in Psychoanalysis at the October 12, 2015 Scientific Meeting of the San Francisco Center for Psychoanalysis. Stanley Steinberg, M.D. presented the award and Dr. Solms delivered a lecture entitled “What is a Mind? A Neuropsychoanalytic Approach.” The lecture dealt with the subtle and very timely topic of using the data of psychoanalysis together with data from neuroscience to achieve a deeper view of the mental apparatus. A webcast of the program will be available.