New Orleans Psychoanalytic Society, 1990

The New Orleans Psychoanalytic Society was organized in October of 1953 and accepted as a Constituent Society by the American Psychoanalytic Association in May of 1955. It began training candidates under the auspices of the New Orleans Psychoanalytic Training Center under the sponsorship of the Washington Institute. In 1957, it was recognized as an independent institute by the American, the first institute in the South, and the 13th in America.

The Society developed an early database of psychoanalytic literature making extensive materials readily accessible to psychoanalysts and other scholars for the first time.

The New Orleans Psychoanalytic Society accepts the Sigourney Award Trust prize with pleasure and appreciation. This comes at a most propitious time for us, and provides a great boost for our morale. The recognition underscores and invigorates our continuing, steady commitment to psychoanalysis and its broad applications. Although our group is small, the continuing “plying of our trade” bears fruit and has been acknowledged. Thank you. – Samuel E. Rubin, M.D., President, New Orleans Psychoanalytic Society, November 1, 1990.