Willy Beranger, 1993

Willy Beranger was born in Algeria in 1922 and spent his childhood in Paris. He earned his doctorate in philosophy in 1945. A year later, he moved to Buenos Aires as a professor of philosophy with his wife Madeleine (a Sigourney recipient in 2008). After locating in Argentina, Dr. Beranger began his psychoanalysis and completed his theoretical and practical training. In 1954 he assumed responsibility for training analysis and teaching in Uruguay. In 1966 Dr. Beranger returned to Buenos Aires where he resumed his teaching activities. Dr. Beranger was a moving force in the formation and growth of psychoanalytic organizations and groups throughout Latin America. He died in 1994.

Dr. Beranger published four books: Problemas del Campo Psiconalitico, with his wife Madeleine in 1969, Posicion y Objeto en la Obra de Melanie Klein (1971), Aportaciones al Concepto de Objecto en Psicoanalisis (1980), and Artesanias Psicoanaliticias (1994). Some of his many articles touched upon literature and philosophy. His work on epistemology defended the idea that psychoanalysis must formulate its own criteria of validation, different from those used in the exact sciences. He also studied the problem of ideology and its relationship to idealized objects. He was also known for his views on the function of dreams, the status of oneiric symbols and the further clinical-technical use of dreams in the context of the inter-subjective dynamic field, together with the basic unconscious fantasy that emerges in the analytic situation.