Pearl H. M. King, 1992

In addition to her own contributions concerning psychoanalysis in patients of middle years and older, Pearl King has been a strong factor in administration as well as in maintaining a delicate balance between factions that have been less than cordial to each. She is known as a fine teacher and supervisor.

In a paper by her included in the book Is It Too Late?: Key Papers on Psychoanalysis and Ageing, published in 2006, Miss King described her work as focusing on those aspects of psychoanalytic work with middle-aged and elderly patients that were linked with or arose from reality pressures and interpsychic conflicts associated with this particular phase of their life cycle, and which they had to face, regardless of their psychoneurotic difficulties and character disorders. She also attempted to illustrate how by an understanding of the nature of transference phenomena in the context of the life cycle pressures of elderly patients, important dynamics, operating in these patients, could be accessible to the psychoanalytic process.