Jorge L. Ahumada, 1996

Jorge L. Ahumada is a member of the Argentine Pyschoanalytic Association and an honorary member of the British Psychoanalytic Society. He is the author of numerous works, especially on psychoanalytical method, the dynamics of changes in insight and psychopathology which have been published in Castilian, Portugueses, English, French, Italian and Japanese. He has been a guest lecturer in various psychoanalytic societies.

He has written on two currents in contemporary psychoanalysis, one empirical, anchored in Freud, the other linguistic-narrative, hermeneutical, and has compared these approaches as contributors to increased knowledge and understanding.

His work continues with his 1999 book Discoveries and Refutations. More recently he is the author of Logics of the Mind: A Clinical View which is a collection of papers spanning a fifteen year period in which Dr. Ahumada presents a spirited defense of Freud’s clinical method. He is also a contributor to Psychoanalysis: From Practice to Theory. He is a recipient of a 2006 Konex Merit Diploma for Humanities.Society

Click here to watch or listen to his participation in a 2006 roundtable discussion on “The Place of Agency and Norms in Psychoanalysis.”