Martin S. Bergmann, PhD, 1997

Martin Bergmann is clinical professor of psychology of the New York University post-doctoral program, where he teaches the course on the history of psychoanalysis. He is a training analyst and supervisor of psychoanalysis at the New York Freudian Society.

Dr. Bergmann has been a very original and prolific contributor to the psychoanalytic literature in a number of important areas. He has written significant books on the “psychology of love,” on “child sacrifice.” And on the “the Holocaust.” His valuable contributions, through his papers, seminars, and symposia also include original contributions on the psychology of art and the theory of symbols. He is creative and productive in synthesizing the theory and literature of the entire Hartmann era, which has evolved into a conference on that historical period of psychoanalysis.

Professor Bergmann has also significantly contributed to the development of psychoanalysis in the United States through his teaching, supervision, and scholarly stimulation of psychoanalytic groups that were formerly unaffiliated with either the APsaA or IPA.