Leonard Shengold, M.D., 1997

Leonard Shengold is a training analyst at New York University Psychoanalytic Institute and a clinical professor of psychiatry at New York University Medical School.

Dr. Shengold is well known for his work on the lasting effects of childhood trauma and child abuse. He has made significant contributions to both clinical and applied psychoanalysis and is best known for his original work on child abuse entitled Soul Murder and the subsequent Soul Murder Revisited. He is a highly regarded scholar with a literary flare. Creative and productive, he has also advanced psychoanalysis through his stimulating participation in analytic organizations, having served as Secretary of the Board of Professional Standards of the ApsA and as Director of The Psychoanalytic Institute at New York University.

Receiving the Sigourney Award has been a source of great pride for me. It is an honor to be on a list of such distinguished colleagues and I am very grateful for it. – Leonard Shengold