André Lussier, 1996

Dr. Lussier is an outstanding psychoanalytic theoretician, educator, and clinician. His 1988 book The Deviations of Desire on fetishism is a definite statement about the contemporary theory of perversion within psychoanalytic theory and practice. He has made significant contributions to psychoanalytic education, criticizing existing educational models and proposing radical changes while stressing the need to preserve our high standards. He has been a progressive voice at the Executive Council of the IPA and in many educational and clinical encounters in North America and Europe.

Dr. Lussier’s knowledge of the franco-phone psychoanalytic literature should increase significantly our awareness of that growingly important source of psycho analytic knowledge and practice. He is an eminent scholar and a statesman with mature and object, open-minded approaches to the psychoanalytic field, with a profound knowledge of its international community.