Eisenstein–Gabe Research Training Fund, 2000

The Eisenstein-Gabe Research Training Fund of Southern California Psychoanalytic Institute was established in 1970 and it is named after Samuel Eisenstein and Sigmund Gabe.  These two former Deans created the Fund and supported its vision.  The Fund provides up to $10,000 to subsidize research associates in their training at our Institute.

The Eisenstein-Gabe Research Training Fund is a critical funding source that has made the Institute the pre-eminent center of research psychoanalytic training in the world.  In the last 35 years, 35 research analysts in 16 fields have been trained in psychoanalysis by SCPI.  Most of these individuals have been academicians but an occasional candidate has come from   another field such as acting.  This has resulted in a wealth of research, publication of books and articles, stimulation in the Institute seminars, and vigorous public exposure to psychoanalytic thought.  Every time an academic research analyst teaches a university class of 10 to 250 students, they are exposed to living psychoanalysis.

The receipt of this Award has a great deal to do not only with the outstanding quality of our CORST program, currently chaired by Dr. Mazon, but also with the considerable superior work that Dr. Loewenberg has provided to this program over many, many years. His signature is intimately interwoven in many ways throughout our research program. This year’s Sigourney Award will be added to our Eisenstein-Gabe Fellowship Fund and will be used to help selected research candidates defray the costs associated with their training. We are very grateful to Dr. Mazon, and to all of our faculty who contribute to the program, and especially to Dr. Loewenberg. We offer him and them our most sincere congratulations. – Kenneth House, M.D., SCPI President