The William Alanson White Institute of New York, 2003

Despite many differences among the founders of the White Institute, they agreed upon a humanistic concern to alleviate suffering, a fervent commitment to psychoanalysis as a response to human pain, a pro-active political stance toward redefining social structures to support individualism and personal freedom, and an abiding interest in the manifold interactions between individuals and their interpersonal environment.

For more than half a century The William Alanson White Institute has served as a significant representative of the “loyal opposition” to the psychoanalytic establishment in the United States. When psychologists were excluded from training at the American Psychoanalytic Association institutes, the White was a premier training site for psychologists’ psychoanalytic education. The institute’s specialized clinical services include programs oriented toward eating problems, addictions, HIV and chronic disease and organizational consultation. It provides low cost supervision to mental health practitioners. Candidates finance their training through clinical work.

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