Riccardo Steiner, 2001

Riccardo Steiner was born and educated in Italy before moving to England in the 1970s to do his training in psychoanalysis. He is a full member of the British Psychoanalytic Society and has served as its Archivist as well as the Secretary of the IPA committee on Archives. He has maintained a full time private practice while teaching at various Universities in England. His particular interest is the history of psychoanalysis and its relationships to the outside world. He has published papers on Strachay’s translation of Freud and on Freud’s sources as far as the Interpretation of Dreams, Jokes, and their relationship to the unconscious and the Psychopathology of everyday life is concerned. They have been published in English, Italian and German.

He was co-editor with Pearl King of the “Freud-Klein Controversies (1941-45)” This book was nominated the book of the year both by the American Association of Psychoanalysis in 1993 and by the Paris Association of Psychoanalysis in 1995.

More recently he has written two books. One entitled “It is a New Kind of Diaspora” which deals with the emigration of central European analysts during Nazi occupation and persecution. The other, “Tradition Change and Creativity in Pyschoanalysis” deals with the consequences of the emigration as far as British psychoanalysis is concerned.