Doo-Young Cho, 2002

Doo-Young Cho is professor of Psychiatry, Seoul National University College of Medicine, Seoul, Korea, Adjunct Clinical Associate Professor of Psychiatry at New York University, and Senior Fellow of the Korean Academy of Science and Technology. He has served as Editor in Chief of the Seoul Journal of Psychiatry.

Dr. Cho has contributed in a significant and devoted way to developing psychoanalysis and psychotherapy in Korea since the 1970s. In his role as a medical school faculty member, he successfully educated psychiatric residents and students on psychoanalysis and psychotherapy. He also initiated the movement of establishing the Korean Psychoanalytic Society and became its first president. He now serves as an active senior member, spreading psychoanalytic ideas and experiences in Korea. In addition to his academic work, professor Cho has served on various Korean ministries for health and culture. Very early, Dr. Cho realized the importance of educating the public through the use of newspaper articles on psychoanalytic ideas and its use in daily life. He has written columns for several major newspapers and magazines in Korea.

His lectures include “Freud and the Post-Freudians”, “Art and Psychoanalysis”, “A Memory of Anna [Freud]”, “Psychotherapy of Schizophrenia”, “Interpretation of Dreams”, and “The Future of Korean Psychiatry”. He has written more than 140 articles in several medical journals. He has contributed thirteen chapters to books and has written three books, Clinical Behavioral Science & General Hospital Psychiatry (1985), Psychoanalysis and Korean Literature (1999), and Behavioral Science (2000).