César Garza Guerrero, 2002

César Garza-Guerrero is a psychoanalyst trained at the Menninger Foundation and is head of the Department of Psychiatry at the University Hospital, Universidad Autonoma de Nuevo Leon, Monterrey, Mexico.

Dr. Garza-Guerrero has written clinical and theoretical papers regarding Borderline structure of Super Ego, and Essays on “the crisis’ of Psychoanalysis. He has engaged in research and development of psychoanalysis in a university hospital milieu.

His many publications include the book The Superyo on the Theory and Practice in the Psychoanalytic, Mexico, Buenos Aires, Barcelona: Editorial Paidos (1989) as well as “Culture Shock: Its Mourning and Vicissitudes of Identity, “ Journal of the American Psychoanalytic Association (1994), “Therapeutic Use of Social Sub-Systems in a Hospital Setting,” Journal of the National Association of Private Psychiatric Hospitals (1976), “The Superego Concept, Part I: Historical Review; Object Relations Approach,” the Psychoanalytic Review (1981), “The Superego Concept, Part II: SuperEgo Pathology,” the Psychoanalytic Review (1981), “Potential Pitfalls in the Diagnosis and Treatment of Minority Groups,” The Journal of Social Psychology (1981), and “the crisis of psychoanalysis: What crisis are we talking about?” Scienta Poetics (1996).