Arnold Goldberg, MD, 2006

Anchored in self-psychology and a major force in its development, Dr. Goldberg is one of the most prolific writers in the field. He has made many scholarly contributions that have elaborated on the work of Kohut and moved self-psychology in new directions. But his contributions have extended far beyond those origins. He has also been an important psychoanalytic critic who has challenged the way that psychoanalysts think not only about matters of the self but also about psychoanalysis as a profession. He has also sought to facilitate exchanges between psychoanalysts and scholars in other disciplines.

“I am sure that everyone at some time has wondered and worried about his or her chosen life’s career. My personal uncertainty was erased when I learned that my peers had awarded me the Sigourney Award. It is the ultimate recognition of a professional life well lived.” – Arnold Goldberg, M.D.