Luis Kancyper, MD, 2014

Dr. Kancyper’s outstanding work focused on generational confrontation and the opportunity to clarify fundamental metapsychological and clinical questions at a nodal point in which diverse and fundamental issues converge for psychoanalytic theory and practice. Generational confrontation is a complex issue at all stages of life, in relation to the acquisition and embodiment of individual and social identity. Dr. Kancyper’s research has been essential to a greater understanding of the intricate processes of our mood. The conflict of freedom is intimately linked to the confrontation itself, and not to the provocation and its denial. The exercise of freedom, and the exercise of confrontation that makes for a creative life, require a constant process of liberating the moorings of the unconscious and the obstacles that come from the social family environment. The generational confrontation safeguards a structure of alterity and reciprocity, makes possible the development and the future of subjective life, and preserves the subject of eventual alienations. Dr. Kancyper is author of The Generational Confrontation, Jorge Luis Borges or the Labyrinth of Narcissus, Resentment and Remorse and other papers.