Judith Dupont, MD, 2013

Dr. Dupont’s work has significantly benefited humanity through her pivotal role in the “Ferenczi renaissance” and the development of her own techniques, practices and training. After Michael Balint’s death, Dr. Dupont became the Ferenczi literary representative. She translated the works of Sandor Ferenczi and his correspondence with Freud into many languages and donated Ferenczi’s original Clinical Diary and Ferenczi’s manuscript notebook to the Freud Museum on the condition that they would be accessible to anyone interested in studying Sandor Ferenczi’s life and work. By doing so, Dupont has ensured that Ferenczi’s legacy and ideas would continue to inspire new generations of scholars. Additional she translated a large portion of Michael Balint’s work. An author in her own right, Dr. Dupont has written extensively about trauma and produced scholarly works elaborating, comparing, and expanding the views on trauma as originally developed by Freud, Ferenczi, and Balint. Dr. Dupont’s papers also include writings on Alice Balint, Rank, and Grodeck. Her book, Manual for Use by Children Who Have Difficult Parents has been published in 10 languages. Other papers focused on children include, “The Problem of the ‘perfect’ Child,” and “From child’s curiosity to science”. Dr. Dupont has published 69 papers, five book chapters in French, English and other languages, and 10 introductions to books, and special journal issues.