Jorge Luis Maldonado, MD, 2014

Dr. Maldonado’s work was focused on the states of impasse and on the participation of the analyst in the stagnation of the psychoanalytic process. Originally developed in Spanish, these ideas were ultimately published in English: “Analyst involvement in the psychoanalytical impasse” and “On negative and positive therapeutic reactions”. Dr. Maldonado’s later research centered on narcissism from the perspective of intersubjectivity. He investigated the participation of the analyst in narcissistic structures finding that narcissism is a structure which can only be established with the presence of the other. Using the myth model of Echo and Narcissus, he highlighted the importance of Echo (the analyst in the analytical situation) in the structuring of narcissism. Echo, in a seemingly passive way, sustains the position of Narcissus. Dr. Maldonado also investigated related pathologies such as addictions, perversions, ambiguity, disturbances in symbolization, and pathologies of psychoanalytical institutional life, among other areas of research. His have been published in six languages; some of which can be found in publications of Psychoanalytic Societies in Europe and Latin America, in the IJPA, in his book. The Narcissism and the Work of the Analyst, and in other co-authored books. To date, his work focused on the factors and indicators of psychic change in psychoanalytical processes.