Jay Greenberg, PhD, 2015

Dr. Greenberg’s work has focused on creating conversations among analysts working within different conceptual, institutional, and geographic traditions, and participating in those conversations. Bringing awareness to difference and similarities that include shades of difference, is essential to working clinicians. As an editor for Contemporary Psychoanalysis (1994-2001), the North American of the International Journal of Psychoanalysis (2007-2010), and The Psychoanalytic Quarterly (2011-present) he has strived to give representation to authors from differing traditions but, more importantly, to encourage communication among them. This sort communication is essential to the vitality of psychoanalysis as an intellectual discipline. Dr. Greenberg’s work demonstrates that theories work best when they are allowed to interrogate each other. That awareness of alternative perspectives leads clinicians to question their own assumptions and wonder what might be in-attended at any moment.  He posits that a liveliness comes from wondering and even from a bit of uncertainty. Over the past decade, Dr. Greenberg’s teaching and a series of papers he has written reflect these views. Life experience has taught Dr. Greenberg that psychoanalysts’ work begins and ends with the mingling of love and creativity that is essential to life that is fully lived.