Ilany Kogan, MD, 2016

Ms. Kogan’s work focused on the transmission of trauma from Holocaust survivors to the following generations, and her approach to understanding and treating patients. Her Holocaust research includes an exploration of Germany’s second generation of the perpetrators, and the impact of Nazi education on several generations. Relevant in too many countries in which the population has experienced persecution and trauma, her books have been translated into many languages. Lately Ms. Kogan has focused on a psychoanalytic approach to creativity as manifested in literature and the performing arts. Ms. Kogan’s publications include 4 books—The Cry of Mute Children – A Psychoanalytic Perspective of the Second Generation of the Holocaust (1995), The Struggle Against Mourning (2007), Escape from Selfhood – Breaking Boundaries and Craving for Oneness (2007), and Canvas of Change – Analysis through the Prism of Creativity (2012), over 25 peer reviewed articles, 2 edited volumes and 38 chapters.