Haydée Faimberg, MD, 2013

Dr. Faimberg’s original work and perspective on the transmission of narcissistic links between generations garnered her The Sigourney Award. She identified the manner in which parents’ (and grandparents’) narcissistic solutions to problems of self-regulation are implanted in the next generation’s mind through the parents’ appropriation of what is positive in the child, and intrusion into the child of what is negative in the parent. This attention to unconscious transmission gives fresh understanding of the psychic consequences of experiences such as genocide and terrorism. Reviving classic psychoanalytical concepts with fresh meaning, Dr. Faimberg demonstrates how narcissistic links that pass between generations can be unfolded in the intimacy of the session, through engagement with the patient's private language. The surprising clinical cases described in Dr. Faimberg’s book, The Telescoping of Generations, led her to recognize the analyst's narcissistic resistances to hearing what the patient does say, and what the patient cannot say.