Roosevelt Cassorla, MD, PhD, 2017

Dr. Cassorla’s groundbreaking work delves deep into the technical components of the analytical process with patients who are difficult to reach and have deficits in their symbolization capacity. His fifth book, The Psychoanalyst, the Theater of Dreams and the Clinic of Enactment, discloses that collusions named 'chronic enactments' establish that the analytic dyad cannot dream, and the analytical field is paralyzed without the analyst perceiving it. Chronic enactments are undone through unconscious acts or behaviors that threaten to destroy the analytical process—behaviors that are named 'acute enactments'. Thorough study of enactments shows that they take the dyad to an awareness of the discrimination between self and object and re-establish the capacity to dream. It is demonstrated that this occurs in an attenuated traumatic form, revealing in the analytical field the externalization of primitive non-dreamed traumas. Clinical, artistic, and mythical models, with an emphasis on clinical aspects encourages the use of different theories to consider the clinical facts. Dr. Cassorla has published five books and more than 200 book chapters and scientific papers.