Luis Kancyper

Award Year: 2014

kancyper-luis_2014_350Luis Kancyper, Doctor in Medicine and Psychoanalyst, was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina.
He is a Full Member and Training Analyst of the Argentine Psychoanalytic Association, as well as a Full Member of the International Psychoanalytic Association. Between 1989 and 2012 he was Professor at the Institute of Psychoanalysis Angel Garma, of the Argentine Psychoanalytic Association. In addition, he acted in the capacity of Scientific Secretary at the same Society between 1994 and 1996.

Among his published books, which have been translated into several languages, are:

  • Jorge Luis Borges o el Laberinto de Narciso [Jorge Luis Borges or Narcissus’ labyrinth], Buenos Aires, Paidós, 1989
  • Resentimiento y Remordimiento [Resentment and Remorse], Buenos Aires, Paidós, 1991. Revised, updated and re-printed by Editorial Lumen, 2006. Translated into Portuguese, Ressentimento e Remorso, Editorial Casa do Psicologo, 1994. Translated into Italian, Il risentimento e il rimorso, Editorial Franco Angeli, 2003.
  • La Confrontación Generacional, [The confrontation between generations], Buenos Aires, Paidós, 1997. Revised, updated and re-printed by Editorial Lumen, 2004. Translated into Portuguese, Confrontaçao de Geraçoes, Editorial Casa do Psicologo, 1999. Translated into Italian, Il confronto generazionale, Editorial Franco Angeli, 2000.
  • Jorge Luis Borges o la pasión de la amistad, [Jorge Luis Borges or the passion for friendship], Buenos Aires, Lumen, 2002. Translated into Italian, Jorge Luis Borges o la passione dell’amicizia, Editorial Borla, 2006.
  • El complejo fraterno, [The fraternal complex], Buenos Aires, Lumen, 2004. Il complesso fraterno, Roma, Borla, 2008.
  • Adolescencia: El fin de la ingenuidad, [Adolescence, the end of naiveté], Buenos Aires, Lumen, 2007. Adolescenza: la fine dell´ingenuitá. Roma, Borla, 2011.
  • Resentimiento terminable e interminable [Terminable and interminable resentment], Buenos Aires, Lumen, 2010.
  • Amistad, una hermandad elegida [Friendship, a chosen brotherhood], Buenos Aires, Lumen, 2014.