The Mary S. Sigourney Award Trust

Recognizing Distinguished Contributions to the Field of Psychoanalysis

Morris N. Eagle, Ph.D.

Marina Del Rey, CA

Award Year: 2009

I am very honored to receive the Signourney Award. This honor is especially meaningful to me because of my conviction that psychoanalysis represents the most interesting and richest account of the human mind and human nature. Indeed, I view psychoanalysis' claim to posterity to rest mainly on its conceptions of how the mind works and the nature of human nature and of personality development, including the development of psychopathology. My abiding interests throughout my career have been in recognizing and forging links among psychoanalysis, psychology, and philosophy, in assessing and clarifying psychoanalytic concepts, formulations, and theories, particularly in the light of empirical findings; and in pointing to possible areas of at least partial integration among different psychoanalytic theories.
 - Morris N. Eagle (Click here to listen to Dr. Eagle's acceptance speech at the Award Ceremony.)

Dr. Morris Eagle has drawn on his exceptional knowledge of academic psychology, philosophy, and psychoanalytic theories to illuminate the flaws in arbitrary assumptions and the errors in logic that often are masked by jargon and adherence to influential theories. His 1984 book, Recent Developments in Psychoanalysis, has been translated into many languages and has had a major impact through its critiques of various psychoanalytic theories. His papers include attention to philosophical issues, to conceptions of mind, to views of psychopathology, theories of treatment and the relevance of attachment theory to psychoanalysis.

Click here to see Dr. Eagle's abbreviated CV.

Listen to Dr. David Wolitsky introduce him at the Sigourney Award ceremony.

To watch a video of Judith Schachter’s Introduction to David Wolitzky; David Wolitky’s Introduction to Morris N. Eagle, and Morris N. Eagle’s Acceptance Speech at the Sigourney Awards on January 14, 2010 at the Essex House In New York City, click here.

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