Daniel Widlöcher


Award Year: 1998

Daniel Widlöcher is a highly respected professor of psychiatry, doctor of psychology, and psychoanalyst. Dr. Widlöcher likes to define psychoanalysis as much as a cultural practice as a therapeutic one. He is a frequent speaker and prolific writer as well as an active participant in psychoanalytic organizations. His books include Interpretation of Drawings By Children (1965); News Freudian models, language, image, thought (1995), with Pierre Fedida; Metapsychology meaning (1986), New Maps of Psychoanalysis (1986); Depression (1996), with Marie-Christine Hardy; The Logic of Depression (1983 and 1995); and Psychotropic Dugs, a Way of Thinking About the Psyche? (1990). He is also the author of numerous articles.

Click here to listen to Daniel Widlöcher’s presentation on The Interaction Between Object-Love and Infantile Sexuality (Infantile Sexuality as a Creative Process) at the New York Psychoanalytic Society and Institute on March 31, 1998.