Nomination and Award Process


Overview. In general, nominations are accepted between March 1 and July 31. A judges’ panel meets early in the fourth quarter and designates up to four Award recipients. Each nominee is notified of the judges’ decision, and Awardees are publicly announced soon after. An Award presentation ceremony is generally held a few months after the public announcement.

Nominations. Organizations and individuals in the geographic region under consideration for a particular year may self-nominate or be nominated by a third party.

Nomination Packets. Nominees or those nominating should submit a completed Nomination Packet to on or before July 31. Nomination Packets should include only the following:

  • nominee’s name, country, email address, postal address and phone number;
  • one to three letters of recommendation and email addresses for each submitter (persons submitting recommendations may include them with the Nomination Packet materials or send separately to;
  • a three to six-page personal statement by the nominee that substantiates the nominee’s work and describes the impact of the nominee’s work in psychoanalysis;
  • if the nominee is an organization, a description of the organization’s formation, mission and operations;
  • if the nominee is an individual, the individual’s CV;
  • a photograph of the nominee (photos are used only in announcing the Awardees and are not sent to the judges); and
  • a single paragraph of no more than 150 words summarizing the nominee’s work and highlighting why the organization or individual should receive the Award.

Please send Nomination Packets to All materials must be submitted in English and become the property of the Sigourney Award Trust.

Judges’ Panel. Completed Nomination Packets are reviewed by an independent panel of three judges appointed by the trustees. The identity of the judges remains strictly confidential.

Notifications. Nominees are generally notified of the judges’ decision within two weeks of the decision, and Awardees are publically announced soon thereafter.

Cash Prize. Awardees each receive a cash prize. The amount of the prize varies each year based on a number of factors including the number of Awardees chosen by the judges that year and tax requirements. In recent years, the cash prize has been between $25,000 and $50,000 US. Awardees may use their cash prize in any manner they choose.

Award Ceremony. An Award presentation ceremony is generally held a few months after the Award notification. Effort is made to hold the ceremony within the geographic region of that year’s Award.