Award Criteria

Award Criteria Image OnlyThe Sigourney Award Trust invests in the future of psycho-analysis by recognizing out-standing work that (1) applies psychoanalysis or psycho-analytic thought for the public good, (2) applies psycho-analysis or contributes psychoanalytic thought to medicine, psychiatry, other sciences or the humanities, or (3) increases public awareness and the study of psychoanalysis.

The Award is open to organizations and individuals that:

  • reside or operate within the geographic region eligible for that particular year (a significant portion of the nominee’s work must have been created within that region), and
  • substantially and significantly contributed to psychoanalysis or psychoanalytic thought over the preceding decade.

The Award is not open to individuals who are currently serving or served during the preceding year as an officer of any national or international psychoanalytic association, unless specifically waived by the trustees.  The Award is also not open to any individual who served as a trustee of the Sigourney Award Trust.

The Award is reflective and based on work accomplished, not work yet to be developed.

Upcoming nominations among the three geographic regions are as follows:

2018 North American
2019 European
2020 Latin American

The geographic regions rotate every three years in that order.